Society of Dermatology SkinCare Specialists - (201) 670-4100


Created at the Inaugural Meeting (02.24.02)

The SDSS is a voluntary, organization which aims to develop and foster the highest standards of skin care in the dermatology setting.


1.0 Through education and research the SDSS will develop national standards and provide a forum of learning for those working in dermatology skin care practices.

2.0 The organization will facilitate open communication among its members and also act as a resource and support system for its members.

3.0 The SDSS will promote the profession of dermatology skin care through interdisciplinary collaboration and by acting as a resource about the profession for other health care professionals.


1.0 Education and Research

1.1 A long term objective will be the development of a standard curriculum of training for the profession based on a defensible common body of knowledge.

1.2 Provision of opportunities for Continuing Professional Education in the areas of technology, techniques and products used in the profession.

1.3 Research, document and promote high quality, national standards for practices and procedures in the profession.

1.4 Participate and promote member participation in educational conventions of related esthetic professions.

1.5 Promote and support research in the development of new dermatology skin care techniques.

2.0 Communication & Support

2.1 Build on the high standards of the PCI JournalTM, The Medical Journal for SkinCare Professionals©. Take advantage of the Journal to build awareness of good skin care practices, to stimulate professional and personal growth of organization members, and to further develop and promote the profession.

2.2 Encourage each member to participate in the functioning and growth of the association.

2.3 Recognize individual members for clinical and professional achievements related to dermatology skin care.

2.4 Provide forums for networking, mentoring and information sharing.

2.5 Develop an information support system for members with employment opportunities, best practices information, sources of expertise, and continuing education opportunities.

3.0 Interdisciplinary Collaboration

3.1 Promote dermatology skin care as a specialty skin care and esthetic profession.

3.2 Serve as a resource for other health care related organizations, government licensing bodies, the public at large on issues related to dermatology skin care and practice issues in a medical setting.

3.3 Promote awareness of good skin care practices and patient rights to the consumer.

3.4 Promote the SDSS through participation in forums consisting of national and international
skincare organizations and interdisciplinary associations.

3.5 In collaboration with related professional associations, research and develop common ethical components that would lead to a Code of Ethics for dermatology skincare specialists which is consistent with the industry.