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Sending in your Application

Prior to sending in your Candidate Application for Records Verification, please ensure the following:

Did you only provide documents required?

Additional documentation sent with application will be discarded. Only the required documents that meet the Candidate Application requirements will be kept in your file.


What if my notary doesn’t know what to do?

It is up the notary to know what their appointment will allow them to do in their state.
Under Step 1 – Forms & Applications – Note to Notaries

What if after checking all my Candidate Application requirements, I am still missing something?

If the NCEA office receives an incomplete Candidate Application, such as a missing a single form, we will contact the candidate and advise what they need to send in. You will be given 14 days to complete the process – without incurring an additional records verification fee.

If 30 days passes, and we still have not received missing document(s) from candidate, the entire application will be returned. The candidate will then have to resubmit the entire candidate application with a $175 payment.

If after thoroughly reviewing Step 1 – Completing the Application – I still have questions, what should I do?

You should contact the NCEA executive offices directly at 201-670-4100 and you may also send an email to