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Study Sections

These Study Sections are interactive sections that will guide your learning and then take a place in your professional library for future reference. Each section includes 30 Study Objectives, 3 Self Assessment Quizzes and ends with a Knowledge Review test that will require you to write out the answers to the questions. Whether you are recertifying or looking for additional training, these sections will provide you a comprehensive overview of these areas of practice.

1. Alternative Therapies

Sound Therapies

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2. Medical Esthetics

Medical Esthetic Career Opportunities
Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Medical Spa
Estheticians’ Role in Laser & Light Therapy

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3. Laser & Light Therapies

Laser Physics and Laser Safety
FDA Device Classification and Laser Hazard Classes
Client Medical & Lifestyle History, Consultation, Documentation and Skin Evaluation

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4. Esthetic Technologies

Radio Frequency

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5. Introduction to Oncology Esthetics

Cancer Crisis & Risk Factors
Spa/Salon Setting and Services

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