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Completing Recertification



Maintaining your NCEA Certified credential demonstrates your commitment to advanced competency standards for the esthetics profession. Completing your Advanced Recertification and Study Sections continues your knowledge journey encompassing the new technologies that continually evolve in our profession. Your NCEA Certified credential and NCEA Individual membership support ongoing advocacy to help raise standards for all Estheticians in the United States. Earning YOUR  LIFETIME NCEA CERTIFIED CREDENTIAL will require renewing 3 times. Join the ranks of your peers that have already completed this achievement.


Which option works for you?

OPTION ONE – Complete the Advanced Recertification Application

Download the Advanced Recertification Application here

OPTION TWO – One-time Re-test Application

Download the  Retest Recertification Application in order to receive your Authorization to Test. Online proctoring will allow you to test in the comfort of your own home or office.

Eased Advanced Recertification Application in response to COVID-19 and social distancing/self-quarantines is still in effect through March 31, 2021.

1. All Candidates are exempt from getting notarized documents. Include a copy of your Driver’s License for verification.
2. ONLINE CPR/AED/First Aid will be accepted. Click here for Online Class.
3. If you are unable to get a Passport photo, you can include a regular photo.

Completing the Advanced Recertification Application

1. Candidate must have one of the following:

a) Current ESTHETICIAN or MASTER LICENSE (attach copy)
b) Current COSMETOLOGY LICENSE (attach copy)
d) OTHER PROFESSIONAL with Recertification Recommendation

Note: Some states do not allow copying of licenses, therefore you will need to provide a notarized document.

2. Current CPR/AED/First Aid Certification (attach copy)

Candidates are required to attend an in-person class once every five years.


3. Current NCEA Individual Membership Certificate (attach copy)

4. Current NCEA Certified Credential Certificate (attach copy)

5. Current Proof of Insurance Certificate* (attach copy)

*Not currently working with clients? Attach Statement of Professional Insurance

6. Two (2) passport size professional photos.

 Print your full name on back of both photos.

7. STUDY SECTION (attach Knowledge Review from Study Section)

*Choose one of the Study Sections below

8. COA APPROVED CONTINUING EDUCATION COMPLETION Attach COA-Approved Continuing Education Completion
12 units of COA-Approved Education are required every 3 years. With over 100 COA approved programs online and in-person available, get started NOW!



9. Check made payable to NCEA Certified in the amount of $150.00.



1. Alternative Therapies

Sound Therapies

$49.95 (Click here to purchase now in .pdf)

2. Medical Esthetics

Medical Esthetic Career Opportunities
Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Medical Spa
Estheticians’ Role in Laser & Light Therapy

$49.95 (Click here to purchase now in .pdf)

3. Laser & Light Therapies

Laser Physics and Laser Safety
FDA Device Classification and Laser Hazard Classes
Client Medical & Lifestyle History, Consultation, Documentation and Skin Evaluation

$49.95 (Click here to purchase now in .pdf)

4. Esthetic Technologies

Radio Frequency

$49.95 (Click here to purchase now in .pdf)

5. Introduction to Oncology Esthetics

Cancer Crisis & Risk Factors
Spa/Salon Setting and Services

$49.95 (Click here to purchase now in .pdf)