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The term “Esthetician” may also be spelt “Aesthetician”, however, in the United States, the majority of states are using the spelling “Esthetician” and the National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations advocates for Estheticians.

Most states have license requirements for Estheticians that range in training from 600 to 1250 hours; the average being 600-hours of training. In some states, a licensed “Cosmetologist” may also perform limited skin care services–but cannot call themselves an Estheticians.

The NCEA Certified credential is based upon a 1200-hour competency that includes Medical Esthetics, Risk Management, Skin Science, Business and Professional Ethics. The NCEA Certified credential represents the highest skin care standard available in the United States.

Your Esthetician should have their state-issued license posted on the wall and in most states, there is also a requirement for a “Facility/Establishment License.” If the Esthetician has attained the National Esthetician Certification, their NCEA Certified credential should also be framed and posted. You may also search here to find a Nationally Certified Esthetician.

Licensing requirements are for the safety of the consumer above all else, and should an incident occur, the reporting process begins at the state licensing website. To find a licensing board in your state, you may visit our Facebook pages to find each state contact information here.